Duh! Go to the Triple A

Well, there's no point in hiking the Himalayas if you don't have a map, said Mr. Plan. There is if you're suicidal, said Mr. I Hadn't Thought of That. Or, if you hope to be adopted by a pack of Himalayan Wolves, said Mr. That's Just Nuts. You can get an up to date map of the Himalayas, including altitudes, historical sites of interest, and clean rest areas with free coffee, from Triple A, said Mr. Rotarian. Or a competing map with marked information kiosks, bike rentals, and tiger facts, from the Himalayan Chamber of Commerce, said Mr. Cuff Links. What if I need to pee in the Himalayas, asked Mrs. Afraid to Squat. Duh! Go to the Triple A, said Mr. Plan.